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ENGLISH 40 Arrivals: British Literature 700-1700
ENGLISH 45 Arrivals: British LIterature 700-1700
ENGLISH 90HB Five Shakespeare Plays
ENGLISH 90SD Staging Shakespeare
ENGLISH 90SW Shakespeare's Women
ENGLISH 102C Intro to Old English
ENGLISH 102d Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture: Literature from the time of King Alfred
ENGLISH 102e Anglo-Saxon Language and Culture: Introduction to Poetry
ENGLISH 102f Anglo-Saxon Language and Culture: Heroic Poetry and Heroic Legend
ENGLISH 102g Introduction to Old ENGLISH: Biblical Literature
ENGLISH 102h Introduction to Old English: The Literature of Spiritual Warfare
ENGLISH 102rdw Introduction to Old English: Riddles, Dreams, Wonders
ENGLISH 103 Beowulf
ENGLISH 103R Advanced Old English
ENGLISH 103d Old English: Beowulf and Seamus Heaney
ENGLISH 103e Anglo-Saxon Language and Culture: Beowulf and Elegy
ENGLISH 103g Anglo-Saxon Language & Culture: Working with Manuscripts
ENGLISH 103g Old English: Working with Manuscripts
ENGLISH 103i Advanced Old English: Anglo-Saxons at Home
ENGLISH 104 Epic, romance, and saga: orality and literary history
ENGLISH 111 Introduction to Medieval Literature
ENGLISH 112 Chaucer and the Invention of Middle ENGLISH Literature
ENGLISH 115b Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
ENGLISH 119 Magic, Carnival, Sacrament, and Other Theatrical Illusions: European Renaissance Drama and Spectacle
ENGLISH 120 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGLISH 120a Adam and Eve
ENGLISH 121cg Shakespeare After Hamlet
ENGLISH 122 Love and its Alterations in the Renaissance Imagination
ENGLISH 123 Shakespeare, The Early Plays
ENGLISH 124d Shakespearean Tragedy
ENGLISH 125m The Metaphysical Poets
ENGLISH 125s Shakespeare and Identity
ENGLISH 126 Shakespeare’s Rome
ENGLISH 127 Travel and Transformation on the High Seas: (formerly Humanities 27)
ENGLISH 128 Theater, Dream, Shakespeare
ENGLISH 129 Some Uses of Renaissance Pastoral
ENGLISH 130 17th-Century Poetry and Prose
ENGLISH 131 Milton’s Paradise Lost
ENGLISH 131p Milton’s Paradise Lost
ENGLISH 132 Metaphysical Poetry
ENGLISH 134 The Gothic Tradition, 1764-1832
ENGLISH 135 Literature and Social Networks: 1700-1800
ENGLISH 138 The 18th-Century English Novel
ENGLISH 141 The 18th-Century English Novel
ENGLISH 141 When Novels Were New
ENGLISH 144 Early Modern Literature: Six Voices, Six Vision
ENGLISH 190x Philosophy and Literature: The Problem of Consent
FRSEMR 33x Complexity in Works of Art: Ulysses and Hamlet
GENED 1153 Shakespeare's Timeline
GOV 1087 Shakespeare and Politics
MUSIC 194r Shakespeare and Music