Declare English

Declare English and join our community!

Sophomores, ready to declare English as your concentration? Juniors and Seniors, ready to transfer into English?
The Class of 2022 must declare by Thursday, November 14, 2019.

All students should follow these steps: 

1. Review Our Guide for Concentrators & Honors Program Information

Review our Guide for Concentrators and Honors Program Information to familiarize yourself with the English concentration requirements. See how your courses fit into our different tracks. These informal documents will help you complete the official Plan of Study document in Step 3:

Honors Program: Thesis Track (14 courses)
Honors Program: Non-Thesis Track (14 courses)
Elective Program (11 courses)
Honors Program: Joint Track (6-8 courses)

2. Choose a Concentration Advisor

This will be a faculty member you work with for the duration of your English concentration. It can be someone you’ve taken a class with or someone you share an interest with. We’re happy to make recommendations, and we’d like you to have an advisor in place when you declare. Send emails, go to office hours, get to know our faculty. All non-creative writing faculty are eligible to be concentration advisors.

3. Complete the English Concentration Plan of Study

Complete the English Concentration Plan of Study & submit your concentration declaration request in my.harvard.

How to create a declaration or change of concentration request

To ensure a departmental experience rich in both breadth and depth, we encourage you to work with your faculty concentration advisor to explore your interests in depth and to explore as many subfields of English literature as possible:

  • Medieval (c. 700-1550)
  • Renaissance (c. 1550-1688)
  • Enlightenment (c. 1688-1800)
  • Romanticism (1780-1830)
  • Nineteenth Century British (c. 1815-1900)
  • Modern British (1900-present)
  • Early American (c.1700-1850)
  • American Renaissance & Post-Bellum (1850-1900)
  • Modern American (1900-present)
  • African American (1800-present)
  • Transnational Anglophone (c.1750-present)
  • Drama
  • Literary Theory
  • Creative Writing


4. Meet with an Undergraduate Program Advisor

Make an appointment with one of our undergraduate program advisors to review your plan of study. At this meeting, we’ll review your plan of study document and approve your declaration request.

Stephanie Burt
Professor Stephanie Burt
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Barker Center 270
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 1-3pm

Professor Derek Miller
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Barker Center 071
Office Hours: TBD

lauren reading
Lauren Bimmler
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Barker Center 159
Office Hours: M-F, 10am-4pm

henry reading
Henry Vega Ortiz
Undergraduate Program Assistant
Barker Center 158
Office Hours: M-F, 10am-4pm

5. Upload Approved English Concentration Plan of Study Form

Upload your approved English Concentration Plan of Study form to my.harvard.

How to upload documents to my.harvard