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Course Numbering Explained

The English Department uses this general system of numbering for our courses:

Course Number Course Title
English 10 Literature Today
English 20 Literary Forms
English 40-49 Literary Arrivals, 700-1700
English 50-59 Poets
English 60-69 Literary Migrations: America in Transnational Context
Shakespeare Shakespeare
English 90 Undergraduate Seminars
English 91r Supervised Reading and Research
English 97 LiteraryMethods
English 98r Junior Tutorial
English 99r Senior Tutorial
100-109 and 200-209 Old English
110-119 and 210-219 Middle English
120-129 and 220-229 Renaissance
130-139 and 230-239 17th-c
140-149 and 240-249 18th-c
150-159 and 250-259 Romanticism and 19th-c British
160-169 and 260-269 20th-c and 21st-c
170-179 and 270-279 American
180-189 and 280-289 Modernism, thematic courses mainly modern
190-199 and 290-299 Criticism, Theory
English 200 Graduate Seminar
English 300 Graduate Directed Study
English 397 Directed Study
English 398 Direction of Doctoral Dissertations
English 399 Reading and Research
Cross-Listed Courses Cross-Listed Courses
General Education General Education
Freshman Seminars Freshman Seminars

Past Courses of Instruction

The Registrar's office keeps a list of past courses of instruction.

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