English CAJR. Investigations: Journalism and Social Justice

Instructor: Jill Abramson
Day & Time: Wednesday 3-5:45pm
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students.
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This advanced seminar focuses on investigative reporting about social justice issues and cases. Readings will cover school resegregation, housing and homelessness, health care and economic inequities, among other subjects. Class members will learn how to use documents, transcripts and other materials in their reporting.

The emphasis of the course is on investigative writing techniques, story ideas, voice and narrative framing.

Students will be required to write two investigative articles, one involving a group reporting project and another on an original subject chosen by each student. There will be intermittent, shorter writing assignments. Grades are based on written work and class participation. Guest speakers will include many of the journalists whose articles are included in class reading assignments.