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AAAS 10 Introduction to African American Studies
AESTH&INTP 12 Poetry in America
AFRAMER 131 African American Literature from the Beginnings to the Harlem Renaissance
AFRAMER 10 Introduction to African American Studies
AFRAMER 133 Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wrights, Ralph Ellison
AMSTDIES 201 Themes in American Studies
CULTR&BLF 49 American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac
ENGLISH 52 Modernist Poets: Eliot, Williams, Stevens, Pound - (New Course)
ENGLISH 53 Poets: Whitman, Dickinson, Eliot, Bishop
ENGLISH 59 Poets: The American Lyric
ENGLISH 60 Migrations: Fictions of America
ENGLISH 60a Migrations: American Horrors
ENGLISH 60ad Migrations: Testing the American Dream
ENGLISH 61 Diffusions: Not on Native Grounds
ENGLISH 62 Diffusions: Castaways and Renegades
ENGLISH 63 Diffusions: The Global Bildungsrom
ENGLISH 64 Diffusions: American Renaissance and Irish Revival
ENGLISH 64 Migrations: American Renaissance and Irish Revival
ENGLISH 67 Migrations: Capitalist Hero Anti Hero: Versions of the American Dream
ENGLISH 68 Migrations: American Immigrant Literature
ENGLISH 69 Migrations: American Literature to 1865
ENGLISH 90ab American "Realists": O’Neill, Williams, Miller: Seminar
ENGLISH 90ac Cut Tongue Theaters: Asian American and Chicana/o Playwrights
ENGLISH 90ad American Detective Fiction
ENGLISH 90aj Jewish American Literature
ENGLISH 90al Memory in Aisan American Literature
ENGLISH 90ap Theology, Aesthetics, and History: Protestantism in American Literature
ENGLISH 90at The American Transcendentalist
ENGLISH 90ca  
ENGLISH 90cp Contemporary American Playwrights: Seminar
ENGLISH 90cc Calvinist Legacy in American Culture
ENGLISH 90dw David Foster Wallace and his Generation
ENGLISH 90ds Death of a Salesman (or two)
ENGLISH 90ea Interracial Encounters in Contemporary Ethnic American Narratives
ENGLISH 90en Indigenous Literatures of North America -- Oral and Written Traditions: Seminar
ENGLISH 90eo Emancipation I
ENGLISH 90f Faulkner: The Major Works (formerly ENGLISH 174f)
ENGLISH 90fd The Rhetoric of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln
ENGLISH 90hv When Harlem was in Vogue
ENGLISH 90kw The American Civil War
ENGLISH 90ln The Landscape of Contemporary Native American Literature
ENGLISH 90LN American Poetry in the Online Environment
ENGLISH 90mm 1850s: The Making of Modernity in Western Culture: Seminar
ENGLISH 90s Ethnic-American Autobiography
ENGLISH 90pb Dramatic Structure and Analysis: Seminar
ENGLISH 90pm American Plays and Musicals, 1940-1960
ENGLISH 90pn Poets of New England
ENGLISH 90pp Puritans and Planters
ENGLISH 90qf Stevens and Pound
ENGLISH qo T.S. Eliot
ENGLISH 90qp 20th-Century American Poetry
ENGLISH 90qz Poetry in America
ENGLISH 90RJ Race and Jurisprudence
ENGLISH 90th The Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age
ENGLISH 90tw Transatlantic Literature
ENGLISH 90us American Moderns
ENGLISH 90vn Vladimir Nabokov
ENGLISH 90wb Jameses and Jameseans
ENGLISH 90we David Foster Wallace & Environs
ENGLISH 90yx Gay and Lesbian Fiction: 1945 to the Present
ENGLISH 144a American Plays and Musicals
ENGLISH 154f Faulkner, Morrison, and the Representation of Race
ENGLISH 162c Modern Drama
ENGLISH 163m The Musical
ENGLISH 164c Literature and Visuality in America
ENGLISH 166 American Modernism
ENGLISH 167 Stevens, Plath, Lowell
ENGLISH 168d Postwar American and British Fiction
ENGLISH 168x American Cultures and Countercultures of the Sixties
ENGLISH 169 Modern American Poetry
ENGLISH 170a High and Low in Postwar America
ENGLISH 170aw American Women Writers
ENGLISH 171a Colonial American Literature
ENGLISH 171b American Literature
ENGLISH 171 Poetry in America
ENGLISH 172d The American Novel: 1865-1914
ENGLISH 172 New Immigrant Narratives
ENGLISH 173 Southern Literature and Culture in the United States
ENGLISH 174f Faulkner: The Major Works
ENGLISH 174 The Rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln
ENGLISH 175 Great American Speeches and Speakers
ENGLISH 175 American Literary Emergence
ENGLISH 175PL American Protest Literature
ENGLISH 176a American Protest Literature
ENGLISH 176x Black Women Writers
ENGLISH 176 The 19th Century American Novel
ENGLISH 177 Arts and Thought of the Cold War
ENGLISH 177 American Law, Race, and Narrative
ENGLISH 177PM American Plays and Musicals
ENGLISH 178x The American Novel: Dresier to the Present
ENGLSIH 179b Art Novels
ENGLISH 179j Alice, Henry, and William James
ENGLISH 179 American Drama Since 1945
ENGLISH 180 Modern American Crime Narratives
ENGLISH 181a Introduction to Asian American Literature
ENGLISH 181a Asian American Literature
ENGLISH 182a American Drama: 1787 to the Present
ENGLISH 185 Wit and Humor
ENGLISH 186 American Literary Expatriates in Europe
ENGLISH 187 Native American Literary Traditions
ENGLISH 190we David Foster Wallace
ENGLISH 191a Black Like Who?
ENGLISH 195tw 20th-Century African American Literature
ENGLISH 195x Contemporary African American Literature
ENGLISH 196 Lit of Migration and Ethnicity: The Case of the United States
ENGLISH 197qc America's Queer Canon: from Melville to Moonlight
FRSEMR 30n Uncle Tom's Cabin and Moby Dick
FRSEMR 31c American Moderns
FRSEMR 32k The Poetry of Walt Whitman
FRSEMR 60m The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and Sylvia Plath
FRSEMR 60t Harvard Poets
GENED 1172 Poetry in America
GENED 1133 Is the US Civil War Still Being Fought?
HISTORY 84l The World of William James and Henry James
HIST-LIT 90at The Postwar American Road Narratives
USW 34 The Civil War from Nat Turner to the Birth of a Nation