Marc Shell

Marc Shell

Irving Babbit Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of English
marc shell

Education: B.A., Stanford University (1968)
Ph.D. Yale University (1975)

Interests: Economics & Aesthetics; Nationhood & Language Difference; Kinship Studies; Non-English Languages & Literatures of the United States; Disability & Medical Studies; Renaissance; Comparative Literature; Theory.

Selected Works:
The Economy of Literature (1978); Money, Language and Thought: Literary and Philosophical Economies from the Medieval to the Modern Era (1982); The End of Kinship: “Measure for Measure,” Incest, and the Ideal of Universal Siblinghood (1988); Children of the Earth: Literature, Politics, and Nationhood (1994); Elizabeth’s Glass: with “The Glass of the Sinful Soul” (1544) by Elizabeth I and “Epistle Dedicatory” and “Conclusion” (1548) by John Bale (1994); Art & Money (1995); American Babel (2002); Polio and Its Aftermath (2005); Stutter (2006).


Contact Information

Office: Barker 265
p: 617-496-6538
Office Hours: TBA