2017-18 Prize Recipients - 5. 29. 18

2017-18 Prize Recipients

The Department of English is thrilled to announce this year’s prize recipients!

Francis James Child Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Michael Allen, for his tutorial “‘Go Little Book’– First Books of Major Poets”
Miles Osgood, for his tutorial “Global Modernism, Short Form (1899-1944)

Critical Prizes

Boston Ruskin Prize

Emma Adler, English PhD Candidate
for “‘Unquiet Meals': On Eating Beauty”

Helen Choate Bell Prize (Essay)

Thomas Dolinger, English PhD Candidate
for “‘Words are here as pulse': Claudia Rankine and the Fate of the Lyric Body”

Winthrop Sargent Prize

Bailey Sincox, English PhD Candidate
for “The Winter’s Tale as Revenge Comedy”

William Harris Arnold and Gertrude Weld Arnold Prize

Richard Yarrow, ’19
for “Libri Contra Tyrannos: A Rebellious Spirit to Books and their Collectors”

Cengiz Cemaloglu, ’18
for “Collecting as a Philosophical Journey, Collecting as a Manifesto”

Le Baron Russell Briggs Grant for Continued Critical Literary Studies

Rob Hopkirk ’18
Natasha Sarna ’18

Le Baron Russell Briggs Honors Thesis Prize in English

Brieanna Martin ’18

Robert Kiely Prize for Outstanding Junior Essay

Natalie Hodges ’19
Alison Garber ’19

Boylston Prize for Elocution

1st Place: Chloe Brooks, ’19
2nd Place: Jacob Roberts, ’19

Creative Prizes

Poetry Prizes

Academic of American Poets Prize

Martine Thomas, ’18
for “The Sky Tonight”

Joan Gray Untermyer Poetry Prize

Martine Thomas

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize

Miles Hewitt, ’18
for “[On first seeing the moon in Laurel Canyon…]”

Roger Conant Hatch Prize for Lyric Poetry

Ashley Gong, ’20
for “Beneath”

Fiction/Poetry/Creative Non-Fiction Prizes

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize

1. Robiny Jamerson, ’18
2. Nica Franklin, ’18
3. Leon Pan, ’18
4. Samuel Goldman Reiss, ’18

1. “Acha Baba,” by Aisha Bhoori, ’18
2. “Demands for President Wilson,” by Emily Zhao, ’19

Creative without Submission

Cyrilly Abels Short Story Prize

1st Place: ‘Traffic,’ by Blessing Jee, ’18
2nd Place: “Slurp and spit and suck,” by Sabrina Li, ’20

Charles Edmund Horman Prize

Mac Lesser, ’19 (Poetry)
Emily Zhao, ’19 (Prose)

Harvard Monthly Prize

Laurel McCaull, ’18
Jensen Davis, ’20

Le Baron Russell Briggs Fiction Award

Juliana Lamy, ’20
for “Open House”

Edward Eager Grant for Continued Studies in Creative Writing

Cherline Bazile ’18

The Thomas Wood Award in Journalism

Bonnie Bennett, ’18

The Lee Patrick Award in Drama

Madison Johnson, ’18

Le Baron Russell Briggs Traveling Prizes

Emmie Atwood ’18
Cherline Bazile ’18
Bonnie Bennett ’18
Aisha Bhoori ’18
Miles Hewitt ’18
Bronte Lim ’18
Leon Pan ’18
Martine Thomas ’18