English CVLI. Imagination Under Siege: Creativity in Times of Crisis

Instructor: Valeria Luiselli
Wednesday, 12:45-2:45pm | Location: Lamont Library 401
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students

What happens to our imagination and capacity for creativity during crises? Do circumstances like wars, authoritarianism, exile or confinement ignite or stifle our creative drive? What roles do fear and isolation play in our creative lives? What is the relationship between imagination, memory and will? Is imagination an instrument or an end in itself? These are some of the questions that will be addressed during this workshop.

Students will write brief weekly responses to readings, and work on fragmentary and hybrid forms of prose and/or sonic essays, in search of new ways of exploring imagination as both a tool for creative resistance and as an end in itself. We will be engaging with work by: Audre Lorde, Plato, Natalie Díaz, María Zambrano, José Limón, Joseph Brodsky, Aristotle, Aeschylus, Borges, Daniil Kharms, and Yásnaya Elena Aguilar, among others.

Supplemental Application Information: Admission by application only. For information on specific application requirements and instructions, please see the full course listing on the English Department website. DEADLINE: for all Fall 2022 workshops, applications will open TBA and are due via Submittable by 11:59pm EDT on TBA. Students will be notified of admissions decisions by 4:00pm EDT on TBA. Workshops will meet the first week of classes.

Apply via Submittable (deadline: 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, August 21)