English CNMJ. Fiction Workshop: Forms and Styles

Instructor: Meng Jin
Thursday, 3:00-5:45pm | Location: Barker 316 
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students
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What gives a fictional work life and meaning and originality? In this workshop, students will be exposed to and try on a wide range of forms and styles in fiction to discover what suits and excites them. We'll sample a variety of sensibilities, approaches, and aesthetic possibilities, reading writers working in various traditions -- from Clarice Lispector to Yiyun Li to Ursula LeGuin – exploring the many ways fiction can come alive by following what is mysterious and inimitable in each work. Students will read a writer (sometimes two) a week and write a creative response inspired by some element of the assigned reading. One or more of these responses will be developed into a longer, complete piece, which we will workshop in an effort to discover and nurture the mysterious and inimitable in our own work.

Supplemental Application Information: Please submit 3-5 pages of fiction, along with a letter describing why you'd like to join the workshop, what you hope to get out of it, your previous encounters with creative writing, and anything else you’d like to say about why or what you write. Please also tell me about one or two writers or books you love, and why.

Apply via Submittable (deadline: 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, August 21)