English CNL. The Novel Lab: Studying Long-Form Narratives in Fiction

Instructor: Paul Yoon
Day & Time:
Section 1: Tuesday 12-245pm 
Section 2: Tuesday 3-5:45pm
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students.
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Course Website (Section 2)

What defines a novel? And what does it mean to read one as a writer? How does a painter consider a painting or a photographer a photo? This readings class will study novels through the point of view of a practicing writer. We will read one novel a week, with the goal of exploring the ways in which long-form narratives are constructed, from chapter to chapter, from one movement to another—that is, the architecture of it. Please note: this is not a workshop. You will not be sharing your work. Consider the class an investigation into all the tools a writer has to create fiction, with the end goal of producing 2 - 3 chapters of the beginning of a novel as your final project.

Supplemental Application Information: Please submit ONLY a letter. I want to know what your favorite novel is and why; and why of all classes you want to take this one this fall. No writing samples. Again, please note: This is NOT a workshop.

Applications due by 11:59 PM ET on 8/19. Apply via Submittable