English Chf. The Craft of Historical Fiction: Workshop

Instructor: Geraldine Brooks
Day & Time: Mondays 12-2:45pm
Enrollment: Limited to 12 students.
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Using the Harvard archives, students will complete a short story or chapter based on a character or incident that occurred on this campus anytime from its founding in 1636 to the 1970s.  We will read Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Marlon James’s The Book of Night Women, examining these authors’ use of sources, voice, point of view and structure. We will examine what responsibility, if any, the novelist has to history, how to locate the voices of the unheard, and how we might confront, but not exploit, past suffering. 

Supplemental Application Information: Please submit a short note of introduction, a writing sample of two thousand words or less in any genre and a note on one or two novels that have influenced or enchanted you.