English 298dh. Methods in Digital Humanities

Instructor: Derek Miller
TBA | Location: TBA
Conference seminar course (open to both undergraduates and graduates)

This course introduces practical skills in programming for the Digital Humanities (DH) while also investigating the theories and debates that continue to define that field. We will focus primarily on DH’s applications to research questions in the humanities rather than on any pedagogical or archival uses. The course is designed with a firm belief not in DH’s righteousness—indeed, we will devote considerable time to critiques of the field—but rather in the necessity of grappling with its ideas and practices in an informed manner. To that end, our exploration of DH methods will involve considerable work in computer programming (though you need have no prior knowledge of those skills). Our practical work with coding and with pre-fabricated digital tools will give us the tools to understand what happens to our thinking when we think about the humanities with computers.