ENGL S-207. The Culture of Capitalism

Instructor: Martin Puchner, PhD
Byron and Anita Wien Professor of Drama and of English and Comparative Literature
Day & Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00–1:30pm (EDT)
Summer 7-week session | CRN 33124
Open Enrollment

The course asks how literature, theater, and film have captured the spirit of capitalism—fueling its fantasies, contemplating its effects, and chronicling its crises. More than just an economic system, capitalism created new habits of life and mind; it also created new values, forged and distilled by new forms of art. Core readings by Franklin, O'Neill, Rand, Miller, and Mamet, films by Chaplin and Lang, and background readings by Smith, Marx, Taylor, Weber, and Schumpeter.



This course meets via live web conference. Students must attend and participate at the scheduled meeting time.