TDM 173x. Acting and Authenticity

Instructor: David Levine
Wednesday, 3:00-5:45pm | Location: TBA
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This studio-based seminar examines the concept of "building a character" and pushes it to its limits.  While acquiring Stanislavski- and Method-based acting techniques, students will also consider psychological realism in light of philosophical, psychological, sociological and scientific notions of authenticity and falsehood, presence, mimesis, identity, and empathy. What does it mean to be "authentic?" Can you ever truly understand another person, or turn into one? What does "realist acting" mean in an age of AI, social media, motion capture, cultural appropriation, and fluid identities?  Whose realism are we talking about?

The seminar involves readings, films, and intensive acting work, and culminates in a final project where participants turn into each other.