Welcoming our Sophomores - 11. 21. 14

‘Tis the season for concentration declarations! Last Wednesday, the Class of 2017 declared their concentrations and we welcomed fifty-six sophomores to the English Department. Four joint concentrators are among the group, sharing their time with Computer Science, Government, Music, and Philosophy.

Many of our new concentrators braved the wind and bitter cold to attend the Meet-and-Greet and Advising event at the Queen’s Head Pub on Tuesday evening. English professors, current concentrators, and staff joined sophomores to discuss important aspects of the concentration. Nicholas Watson and Stephen Osadetz led a session on the Common Ground courses. Students learned about the “building blocks” of the concentration – Arrivals, Poets, and Migrations – and were encouraged to take these courses early on in their English career. Andrew Warren and Lauren Bimmler explained the faculty concentration advising system while Stephen Greenblatt and James Simpson suggested the students get a good map of the field while still exploring some topics in great depth. Ju Yon Kim and library liaison Odile Harter tackled questions of research and methodology in literary studies and explained the preparation our students receive in English 98r: Junior Tutorial. Our thesis options, creative and critical, were presented by Bret Johnston, Luke Menand, and James Wood. Several juniors and seniors joined the group discussions, offering their experiences and advice to the newest bunch of English students.