Belmont: A New Book of Poetry by Stephen Burt - 5. 17. 13

“You don’t just decide to become a different person, / but realize that you have become the person you are—not who you were, not who you want to be, / but something close to them, . . .”
(Stephen Burt, “When the Sweet Wind Did Gently Kiss the Trees”, Belmont)

972003_549453881764240_958993707_nProfessor of English and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Stephen Burt has a new book of poetry titled Belmont. Burt stated, During a recent trip to The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in an interview with reporter Carolyn Kellogg, that the book is about “parenthood and kids and how the responsibility of adults and the imagination of children coexist and inform one another.” It is also a book  about “escapes, and imaginary other lives, and the other people who we can be if we are not ourselves, and the places we can go to do that.” He also went on to say that the name of Belmont is from the “beautiful suburb where music is played…that is sort of an unreal refuge toward which some of the characters flee at the end of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Watch Burt read an excerpt here: