Graduate Commencement 2014 - 6. 13. 14

At Harvard’s Commencement on May 29th, eleven students from the Harvard English Graduate Program received their doctoral degrees.


Congratulations to our new PhDs!


November 2013 Degrees

Margaret Gram: “Matters of State: American Literature in the Civil Rights Era”
Elizabeth Maynes-Aminzade: “Macrorealism: Fiction for a Networked World”
Matthew Sussman: “Stylistic Virtue in Nineteenth-Century Fiction”

March 2014 Degrees

Kristen Roupenian: “Dodging the Question: Language, Politics, and the Life of a Kenyan Literary Magazine”
Laura Wang: “Natural Law and the Law of Nature in Early British Beast Literature”

May 2014 Degrees

Nicholas Donofrio: “The Vanishing Freelancer: A Literary History of the Postwar Culture Industries”
Leonard Neidorf: “The Origins of Beowulf: Studies in Textual Criticism and Literary History”
Cassandra Nelson: “Age of Miracles: Religion and Screen Media in Postwar American Fiction”
Jesse Raber: “Progressivism’s Aesthetic Education: The Bildungsroman and the Struggle for the American School, 1890-1920″
Jacob Risinger: “Confirmed Tranquility: The Stoic Impulse in Transatlantic Romanticism”
Benjamin Woodring: “Oft Have I Heard of Sanctuary Men: Fictions of Refuge in Early Shakespeare”