Four English Concentrators Awarded 2016 Hoopes Prize - 5. 5. 16

Four English Concentrators Awarded 2016 Hoopes Prize

Sixty-Four winners of the 2016 Hoopes Prize were announced this week, including four of our own concentrators.

The prize is funded by the estate of Thomas T. Hoopes, Class of 1919, on the basis of “promoting, improving, and enhancing the quality of education… in literacy, artistic, musical, scientific, historical, or other academic subject.”

The prize also values “excellence in the art of teaching.” Awards are also given to member of the faculty or teaching staff who both supervised and nominated the prize-winning work.

 Congratulations to the prize winners!

 Emma Adler, “The Revivalist” – nominated by Sam Marks

 Moira McCavana “86 Ways of Becoming José Manuel Elosegi” – nominated by Bret

 Stella Wong, “Rites of the Da Capo”– nominated by Jorie Graham

 Mindy (Min Ji) Yi, “Modernism with a Human Face: Asterios Polyp’s Visual Language” –
nominated by Stephen Burt