Five Seniors Win Thomas Temple Hoopes Prizes - 5. 8. 14

The members of the English Department and its undergraduate program are delighted to learn this morning that 5 English concentrators have won Hoopes Prizes this term! If you’re not aware (as some concentrators may not be) these very competitive prizes are award for outstanding student research, scholarship and creative work, across the university.

This year’s winners in English are:

Rumur Dowling for his submission entitled “Romantic Boredom: Discourses of Distraction in Wordsworth and Coleridge”
nominated by Professor Andrew Warren and Mr. William Baldwin

Sorrel Westbrook Nielsen for her submission entitled “Come Fire or Flood”
nominated by Mr. Bret Anthony Johnston

Tarina Quraishi for her submission entitled “‘To Meet My Beloved Friend': Literary Transformation of the Ghazal in English”
nominated by Professor Stephen Burt

Jennifer Soong for her submission entitled “’What’s That Ugly Thing?’ Rediscovering Elizabeth Bishop’s Object-Oriented World”
nominated by Professor Peter Sacks and Mr. Martin Greenup

Kevin Sun for his submission entitled “’Making the Hang’ and Other Essays On Being a Young Improvisor”
nominated by Mr. Darcy Frey

Our kudos to the authors of these outstanding projects, and to their advisers.

A complete list of the 2013-2014 Hoopes Prize winners can be found here.