English Prize Winners 2013 - 5. 17. 13

The Department of English is thrilled to announce this year’s group of prize recipients.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Francis James Child Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Daniel Williams, for his tutorial “Literatures of South Africa”
Lesley Goodman, for her tutorial “Jane Austen”

Robert Kiely Prize for Outstanding Junior Essay

Jennifer Soong ’14, for her essay, “Learning the Language of Athol Fugard: How Modes of Communication Constitute the Art, Matter, and Politics of Some South African Plays”
Caitlin Ballotta ’14, for her essay, “The Matriarch Shows It Best: The Myth of Feminine Power in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma

Edward Eager Grant for Continued Studies in Creative Writing

Kathleen French ‘13
Dan Giles ‘13

Le Baron Russell Briggs Grant for Continued Literary Studies

Joshua Wilson ‘13

Le Baron Russell Briggs Honors Thesis Prize in English

Charlotte Lieberman ‘13
for her poetry thesis, Works on Paper

Le Baron Russell Briggs Traveling Fellowships

Hana Bajramovic ‘13
Yi Jean Chow ‘13
Daniel Gross ‘13
Layla Hazemi ‘13
Andrew Katzenstein ‘13
Joseph Masterman ‘13
Stephanie Newman ‘13
Sezen Unluonen ‘13
Matthew Warner ‘13
Joshua Wilson ‘13

Boylston Prize for Elocution

Joshua Wilson ‘13
Margaret Kerr ‘13 (Special Concentrations)

Creative Prizes

Academy of American Poets Prize

Charlotte Lieberman ‘13
Julian Gewirtz ‘13 (History)

Joan Gray Untermyer Poetry Prize

Amanda Peery ‘14
Lauren Fields ‘14 (Psychology)

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize

Charlotte Lieberman ‘13

Roger Conant Hatch Prizes For Lyric Poetry

Katherine Vidt ‘13 (Social Studies)

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize

Joshua Wilson ‘13
Georgina Parfitt ‘13
Rumur Dowling ‘14
Christopher Alessandrini ‘15
Julian Gewirtz ‘13 (History)
Stephanie Newman ‘13

Cyrilly Abels Prize

Caitlin Andrews ‘16
Wanjiku Mungai ‘15

Charles Edmund Horman Prize

Avia Tadmor ‘14 (Psychology)

Harvard Monthly Prize

Katherine Damm ‘13 (Literature)

Le Baron Briggs Fiction Award

Adam Horn ‘13
Max Schulman ‘13 (Social Studies)

Lee Patrick Award in Drama

Joshua McTaggart ‘13 (History)

Thomas Wood Award in Journalism

Thomas Dai ‘14 (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)

Critical Prizes

Helen Choate Bell Prize (Essay)

Alex Nunnelly ‘13
Hana Bajramovic ‘13

Winthrop Sargent Prize

Layla Hazemi ‘13

Boston Ruskin Prize

Daniel Williams

Bowdoin  Prize  for  Graduate  Essays  in  the  English  Language

Lesley Goodman

Howard Mumford Jones Prize (Dissertation)

Lesley Goodman, “Indignant Reading”

Helen Choate Bell Dissertation Prize

Nikki Skillman, “The Lyric in the Age of the Brain”