English Department Announces Annual Prize Winners for 2014-2015 - 6. 3. 15

The Department of English is thrilled to announce
this year’s group of prize recipients.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Le Baron Russell Briggs Grant for Continued Literary Studies

Becky Gould ’15
MA, Columbia Teachers College

Edward Eager Grant for Continued Studies in Creative Writing

D. Simone Kovacs ’15
MFA, New York University

Le Baron Russell Briggs Thesis Prize

Nora Wilkinson ’15
for her thesis “Dangerous Visions: Idolatry as Metaphor in Late Nineteenth-Century American Realism”

Boston Ruskin Prize

Emmy Waldman
for “Loving in the Shadows: Cast Shadows, Erotic Projection, and the Origin of the Image”

Alison Chapman
for  “Ornament and Distraction: Peripheral Aesthetics in the Nineteenth Century”

Helen Choate Bell Prize

Julian Lucas ’15
for “Crise de Genre, Crise du Caractère: Possession, Genre, and Character”

Michael Weinstein
for “Objects and Objections: Williams, Fried, and the Limits of Minimalism”

Winthrop Sargent Prize

William Porter
for “Cinthio on the Rack: Iago’s Torture and the Afterlife of a Source”

William Harris Arnold and Gertrude Weld Arnold Prize

Matthew Franks
for “Cut and Paste: Joe Orton, Oscar Wilde, and the Farce of Biblio-Vandalism”

Boylston Prize for Elocution

Tomi Adeyemi ’15
Zoe Hitzig ’15

Academy of American Poets Prize

Zoe Hitzig ’15 for  “Pernkopf Atlas”

Joan Gray Untermyer Poetry Prize

Emilie Thompson ’16
Brieanna Martin ’18

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize

Zoe Hitzig ’15 for  “Pernkopf Atlas”

Roger Conant Hatch Prizes For Lyric Poetry

Hanel Baveja ’18 for “Help Wanted”

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize

Matt Krane ’15
Jake Montgomery ’15
Stephanie Guo ’18
Ben Blumstein ’15
Miles Hewitt ’17
Lev Mamuya ’18
Daniel Schwartz ’16

“The Moth Garden” by Kevin Hong
“The Cortlandt Town Center” by Maia Silber ’17
“Girl Gargoyle, Guy Gargoyle” by Anna Hagen ’15
“Rushed Off My Feet” by Olivia Munk ’16

Cyrilly Abels Short Story Prize

“Monday’s Child” by Erica Eisen ’16
“Saint Lily” by Frankie Zwick ’16
“We Came Home in Wagons” by Cary Williams ’16

Charles Edmund Horman Prize

Dianisbeth Acquie (Fiction)
Preston Craig (Poetry)

Harvard Monthly Prize

Matthew Vegari ’17
Nelson Arnous

Le Baron Russell Briggs Fiction Award

“Thai Food and Theoretical Physics” by Aaron Aceves
“Vignettes” by Christopher Alessandrini ’15

Lee Patrick Award in Drama

Alice Abracen ’15
Gina Hackett ’15

Thomas Wood Award in Journalism

Jacob Feldman

Le Baron Russell Briggs Traveling Fellowships

Tomi Adeyemi ’15
Christopher Alessandrini ’15
Becky Gould ’15
Anna Hagen ’15
Casi Karunaratne ’15
Matt Krane ’15
Ginger Marshall ’15
Myles McDonough ’15
Sarah Milkovich ’15
Jake Montgomery ’15
Sophia Ohler ’15
Caitlyn Pang ’15
Krithika Varagur ’15

Robert Kiely Prize for Outstanding Junior Essay

Moira McCavana ’16 (fall)
Tree Palmedo ’16 (spring)

Francis James Child Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Matthew Ocheltree, for his fall tutorial
“Narrative Odysseys: Oceanic Literature and Political Anthropology from Homer to Conrad”
Misha Teramura, for his spring tutorial
“The Art of the Essay: From Montaigne to Girls”