Congratulations to our new PhDs! - 5. 30. 13

Commencement 2013

November 2012 Degree Recipients

Odile Harter: “In Others’ Words: Poetry, Quotation, and the Great Depression”
Steven Rozenski: “Henry Suso and Richard Rolle: Devotional Mobility and Translation in Late-Medieval England and Germany”
Nikki Skillman: “The Lyric in the Age of the Brain”

May 2013 Degree Recipients

Lauren Brozovich: “Environmental Spiral: Scientific Mediation in Twentieth-Century American Poetry”
Lesley Goodman: “Indignant Reading”
Sara Gorman: “Transformative Allegory: Imagination from Alan of Lille to Spenser”
Richard Johnston: “Romanticism and Mortal Consciousness”
Marcella Manoharan: “New Money in the American Novel: 1920 – 1936”
Greta Pane: “The First Scale of Attention: Linguistic Form and Aesthetic Experience in the Novel”
Seth Rosenbaum: “After-Taste”