Art Novels 179b: Book Cover Interpretation - 12. 10. 15

Professor David Alworth’s Art Novel 179b students submitted book covers this week that they designed based off of discussion from novels on the course syllabus, including Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, 10:04 by Ben Lerner, and Another Country by James Baldwin. Students spent the semester delving into the dynamic relationship between the American novel and the visual arts, from the late nineteenth century to present day. Students learned how to understand the relations among verbal, visual, tactile, digital, and ambient media. In addition, students in the course discussed what happens when novelists engage with painting, sculpture, photography, film and video, performance art, and other artistic practices.

Morgan Bean coverfinal     Katie Borrazzo Book Cover     India Patel

Francesca Violich Kennedy     Duncan Saum     Camille Crossot

Book Cover Final     Book Cover - Another Country     _MG_9599-Edit Sleisenger book cover

_MG_9590 Ava Violich book cover     _MG_9585 Anrig book cover     _MG_9583 Nicolae book cover

_MG_9581 Glissendorf book cover     _MG_9572 Schmidt book cover     Irvine Book Cover for 10:04

_MG_9623     _MG_9624     _MG_9628

_MG_9629     _MG_9633     _MG_9642

_MG_9653     _MG_9656     _MG_9657

_MG_9660     _MG_9661     _MG_9663

_MG_9666     _MG_9670     _MG_9674

_MG_9676     _MG_9678     _MG_9681

_MG_9684     _MG_9686     _MG_9707

_MG_9714     _MG_9740     _MG_9741-2

_MG_9741     _MG_9748