A Winter Welcome: English Concentrator Social - 2. 8. 16

The Department of English welcomed concentrators back last week with sweet snacks, warm beverages, and book-chic English Department t-shirts.

Current concentrators, faculty, graduate students, and staff were all in attendance in the Thompson room to kick-off the spring semester. All enjoyed the delicious treats provided by Petsi Pies, including pies, cupcakes, cookies, and scones. The highlight of the afternoon was the big unveiling of the new Department t-shirts. Students entered t-shirt mock-up submissions late last semester and voted on their favorites over break. The winning t-shirt was distributed at the Welcome Back Social.

Check out pictures from the event!

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_MG_1662   _MG_1659   _MG_1655

_MG_1636   _MG_1627   _MG_1621

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