ROBERT GRENIER, poetry reading and visual presentation

Event Date: Tuesday, September 27
Event Time: 7 pm - Barker Center 133


Robert Grenier has been a force, an inspiration and a puzzle in poetry and in its many adjacent arts since the 1960s. His famous box of minimal poems that could be read in any order, Sentences (published 1978) became a central reference point for Language writers and other late century avant gardes; his sparse, thoughtful verse of the 1970s and 1980s remains important today, admired both by conceptual writers and by those in lyrical or observational traditions. His more recent work combines poetry and poetics with drawing and handwriting, and needs to be seen, not just read; in this signal event, Grenier—with assistance from Harvard professor and poetry critic Stephen Burt—will show us how it works. Grenier’s other major publications and works of art include A Day at the Beach  (1984), the poem/posterCAMBRIDGE, M’ASS (1979, reissued 2014), What I Believe transpiration/ transpiring (1989), and the ongoing series of handwritten poem-drawings entitled r h y m m s. (You can read Sentences online at ) Please join us for a live introduction to Grenier’s work.
This event is free and open to the public,