MLA Annual Conference 2018, January 4-7

Event Date: Wednesday, January 4
Event Time:



See below a curated schedule of departmental activity at the upcoming MLA Annual Convention in New York City. If you are a graduate student attending the convention (either for a presentation or an interview), please fill out this form. For the full MLA Schedule, click here.

Thursday, January 4

50. The Historical Novel after Postmodernism (1:45PM)
David Alworth, “Don DeLillo’s Bad Art History: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Paradox of the Contemporary”

116. Poetry Books in Multiple Versions: Editorial, Critical, and Pedagogical Issues (3:30PM)
Michelle Taylor, “Will the Real T.S. Eliot Please Stand Up? Poems (1920) versus Ara Vos Prec”

Friday, January 5

242. The Tacky South (10:15AM)
Isabel Duarte-Gray, speaker

270. Byron and Politics (10:15AM)
Andrew Warren, speaker

283. Nonfiction Prose in a “Post-Factual” World (12:00PM)
Tess McNulty, “Truth in Memoir: A Stylistic Analysis”

408. The Work of the Anthology in American Literature (5:15PM)
Nicholas Rinehart, presiding

410. Cultures of Vulnerability in the Contemporary United States (5:15PM)
David Alworth, “The Politics of the Contemporary Art Novel”

Saturday, January 6

476. Fraught Logics of Natural Law (8:30AM)
Gordon Teskey, respondent

506. Frederick Douglass at Two Hundred: Literary Reconsiderations (10:15AM)
John Stauffer, speaker

554. John Clare: Encounters (12:00PM)
Marissa Grunes, “‘Thou Lowly Cot': Rudimentary Architecture in John Claire and Robert Frost”

595. Graphic States of Insecurity (1:45PM)
Chris Spaide, “Now and Then: Richard McGuire and Lauren Redniss’s Representation Extremes”

619. New York as Text: Bibliographies and Geographies (1:45PM)
Emily Silk, speaker

641. Desire and Domestic Fiction after Thirty Years (3:30PM)
Deidre Lynch, speaker

651. Shakespearean Negotiations: The Circulation of Social Energy in Renaissance England, Thirty Years On (3:30PM)
Stephen Greenblatt, respondent

655. Auden and Others (3:30PM)
Steph Burt, “‘The Youngest Person in the Room': Auden and the Refusal of Authority”

661. Archival Research in the Black Diaspora (3:30PM)
Nicholas Rinehart, speaker

705. Palestine, Ethics, and World Literature (5:15PM)
Dena Fehrenbacher, “Palestinians Podcast: Ethical Representation in an Age of New Media”


Sunday, January 7

787. Institutional History of Theory (10:15AM)
Marjorie Garber, “Heyday”

763. Poetry’s “We” (10:15AM)
Chris Spaide, “Terrence Hayes’s Response-Poems and the African-American Lyric ‘We'”

Department Reception

The Department will be hosting a reception with drinks and light hors d’oeuvres for graduate students, alumni, and faculty attending MLA in New York City on Friday, January 5.

All are welcome to attend! Please RSVP via this google form before Tuesday, December 19.

English Department Suite | 7:30pm