English Department Spring Teaching Workshop

Event Date: Friday, April 29
Event Time: 12-3 p.m.

A light lunch will be served from 12-1pm, Barker 024
Panels to follow from 1-3pm, Barker 024

Light lunch and coffee

Taylor Cowdery on learning how to ask productive questions
Julia Tejblum on improving your efficiency outside the classroom

Rebecca Kastleman on moments of silence and learning to listen
Hannah Doherty Hudson on teaching in the archive
Elizabeth Weckhurst on user-friendly professionalism

Miles Osgood on working with freshmen and reflections on the first year of teaching
Janet Zong on peer learning and revision workshops
Carra Glatt on teaching writing and close reading

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For more information, contact:
Stephen Tardif, Departmental Teaching Fellow (tardif@fas)
Matthew Ocheltree, Lead Coordinator or Graduate Colloquia (ocheltr@fas)