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FAll 2021


LitLab is a hub for English concentrators and other literature fans to discuss hot topics and current trends in literature and culture. So much is happening in the world of reading, writing, publishing, and the arts: let's explore it together!

LitLab meets Tuesdays, 3-4.30pm in Barker 018 for lively, informal discussions. We’ll discuss short pieces of writing on a wide variety of topics and think together about why literature matters today more than ever. At LitLab sessions, you'll meet  students and faculty in English and allied fields and find a shared casual space to talk about the books and ideas you love. 

For a schedule of topics, readings, podcasts, provocations, and thought-experiments, see the Syllabus page.

If you have any questions or want to suggest topics for discussion, please reach out to Prof. Derek Miller (, who'll forward your query to the LitLab Advisory Board.

Upcoming Sessions

Session 1
Septermber 14

Young Adult Literature

Bring a passage from your favorite piece of YA fiction to share and talk about! We'll also brainstorm other topics that you want to discuss this term.