English 282ph. Public Humanities Practicum: Humanities in the High School Classroom

Instructor: Elisa New
Day & Time: TBD | Location: TBD

This fall, over 500 high juniors and seniors and teachers from Title One high schools across the country (from New York City, LA, San Diego, Flint, Pontiac, Hartford and rural Louisiana and New Mexico) have enrolled in the Poetry in America and Harvard Extension School's national pilot of the online Poetry in America: The City from Whitman to Hip Hop.

The Public Humanities Practicum, co taught by course Poetry in America director Elisa New and National Education Equity Lab director, Leslie Cornfeld, will provide students in FAS, GSE, and HKS the opportunity to embed within, study and evaluate how college level humanities instruction may promote college readiness, intellectual and emotional growth and civic cohesion-- and to weigh the implications of this model for broad educational public policy. Students in the course will be allowed to focus individual final projects in 1) public policy 2) humanities instruction or 3) media and educational design.