English 145a. Jane Austen's Fiction and Fans

Instructor: Deidre Lynch
Monday & Wednesday, 3:00-4:15pm | Location: TBA
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In this class we'll read at least five of Austen’s novels and study the contribution they made to the remaking of modern fiction.  Though our emphasis will fall on these works’ place in the literary culture of Austen’s day and on their historical contexts in an era of revolution, we’ll also acknowledge the strong and ardent feelings that Austen’s oeuvre continues to arouse today.  To that end, we’ll do some investigating of the frequently wild world of contemporary Austen fandom and the Austenian tourism, shopping, adaptations, and sequels that nurture it.  At the same time, we’ll remember that Austen knew fandom from both sides; part of our work will be to learn about the early-nineteenth-century culture of literary appreciation in which Austen enrolled the heroines of her novels and enrolled herself.