English 181aa. Asian American Literature: Asian American Action

Instructor: Patricia Chu
Terms: Spring Term

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12-1 | Location: Sever 106

This interdisciplinary course will examine Asian American literature and film alongside political and historical readings about how Asian Americans have taken action as artists, activists, workers, politicians, criminals, etc. We will consider issues including: gender and sexuality, immigration history/American Dream, ethnic and class conflicts within Asian America, the problem of “authenticity,” the effects of America’s wars in Asia, the particular stereotypes associated with Asian Americans, and Asian American positions in relation to other American minorities. Text modes and genres will range widely and may include: comedy, anger, sentiment, nostalgia, and commitment in novels, social theory, poetry, legal studies, journalism, personal narrative, film. Authors may include Vijay Prashad, Rey Chow, Maxine Hong Kingston, Susan Choi, Lela Lee, Ruth Ozeki, John Okada, Chang-rae Lee, Le Thi DiemThuy, Sunil Yapa, Milton Murayama, Miné Okubo.

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