English 99r. Senior Tutorial

    Supervised individual tutorial in an independent scholarly or critical subject.

    Students on the honors thesis track will register for English 99r in both the fall and spring terms. 

    English 91r. Supervised Reading and Research

    The Supervising Reading and Research tutorial is a type of student-driven independent study offering individual instruction in subjects of special interest that cannot be studied in regular courses. English 91r is supervised by a member of the English Department faculty.  It is a graded course and may not be taken more than twice, and only once for concentration credit. Students must submit a proposal and get approval from the faculty member with whom they wish to work.

    Proposed syllabi and faculty approval must be submitted and verified by the English Department Undergraduate Office by the Course Registration Deadline.

    English 98r. Junior Tutorial

    English 98r. Junior Tutorial

    Fall 2021 Junior Tutorials 

    Literature and Medicine: Illness, Disability & Neurodiversity (Jeffrey Careyva)

    The Law and Literature of American Slavery (Geoffrey Kirsch)

    Border-Crossing Fictions of the 20th Century (Andy Koenig)

    Science Fiction(al) and Magical Realities (Karina Mathew)

    Social Science Fiction from the Sixties to the Present (Joseph Shack) 

    Junior Tutorial Preference Forms will be sent to students the week of 7/6/21. Junior English Concentrators interested in enrolling in English 98r should complete this form or be in touch with Lauren Bimmler.