The Norton Anthology of Drama
Martin Puchner (ed.)

(2009). The Norton Anthology of Drama offers sixty-five major plays—including three twentieth-century plays not available in any other drama anthology—the most carefully prepared introductions, annotations, and play texts, and a convenient two-volume, one-column format for ease of reading and carrying.

The Drama of Ideas
Martin Puchner

(2010). Most philosophy has rejected the theater, denouncing it as a place of illusion or moral decay; the theater in turn has rejected philosophy, insisting that drama deals in actions, not ideas. Challenging both views, The Drama of Ideas shows that theater and philosophy have been crucially intertwined from the start.

Dream in Shakespeare: From Metaphor to Metamorphosis
Marjorie Garber

(2013). Drawing on the works of Freud and other psychologists, but basing its argument on the language and dramatic structure of the plays themselves, Dream in Shakespeare presents a coherent and innovative reading of the plays and their developing concept of dream.

Profiling Shakespeare
Marjorie Garber

(2008). The title of Profiling Shakespeare is meant strongly in its double sense. These essays show the outline of a Shakespeare rather different from the man sought by biographers from his time to our own. They also show the effects, the ephemera, the clues and cues, welcome and unwelcome, out of which Shakespeare’s admirers and dedicated scholars have pieced together a vision of the playwright.