Departmental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you send me information about applying to the graduate program?

Please see the Graduate Admissions Page for details about applying.

Does the Department of English participate in the Visiting Scholar Program?

The Department of English takes on a small number of Visiting Scholars each year. Visiting Scholars must be professors currently employed by a university in the field of English literature. The Visiting Scholars Committee accepts applications on an ongoing basis. For more information, please consult the “About” section of the Visiting Scholars page.

I’m a graduate student currently enrolled in another university. Can I study as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard?

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers the option of enrolling as a Special Student or Visiting Fellow. See here for more details. Please note that the Department of English does not play a role in the administration of this program.

Where can I find information about professorships and other academic jobs at Harvard?

Please visit ARIES, the online portal for academic hiring at Harvard.

How do I set up an appointment to speak with a faculty member?

Most of our faculty members keep their own appointment books, so you should contact the faculty member directly. Faculty office hours are available on each faculty member’s profile page.

Can I speak to a faculty member about a grammatical or literary question?

Our faculty are not available to answer grammatical or literary questions from the public. Questions of this nature should be directed to your local library; however, you may also consult the Widener Library Reference Desk.

Where can I find information about courses in ESL/ESOL/EFL/ELL at Harvard?

The Department of English does not offer these courses. Students who are looking for English language programs should contact the Harvard Institute for English Language Programs in the Division of Continuing Education.