Jarrod Wetzel-Brown - 10. 14. 16

Jarrod  Wetzel-BrownWintrhop

Jarrod Wetzel-Brown

Senior, Winthrop

Hey everyone! I am a senior English Concentrator, and when I am not serving coffee and scones as a barista in the Barker Cafe, I am usually in the Barker Center soaking up every word that is spoken by the fascinating professors of our department! I am also a Peer Advising Fellow on campus, and I am a student liaison for both Harvard University Health Services and the Harvard Center for Wellness. I am a premedical student as well, and I am currently writing a collection of poems that marry medicine and literature together for my creative thesis. What I love most about the English Department is that it is willing to work with “unorthodox” concentration pathways. I admire the English Department Faculty because they are flexible, passionate, and truly listen to their students. They care immensely for each member of the department, and their guidance is a welcome gift here at Harvard!