Nathan Siegelaub - 10. 14. 16

Nathan  SiegelaubPfoho

Nathan Siegelaub

Junior, Pfoho

Hi! I’m Nathan Siegelaub, a junior from East Meadow, New York. You can usually find me in Pfoho, on the Quad lawn with a book, on the field taking intramurals too seriously, in Southie with my little sib, or jamming out with THUD (The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers) and the Harvard University Band. Please don’t hesitate to say hey, wherever I am! I’m always happy to discuss Harvard’s vibrant English Department, or to chat about anything from Pat Conroy to Raymond Chandler to Fyodor Dostoevsky, from Dr. Strangelove to Curb Your Enthusiasm, from Led Zeppelin to Bob Dylan, from my beloved NY Mets and Jets to the equally frustrating NY Knicks.