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Laura Farwell Blake ( and Odile Harter ( are the library liaisons to the English Department. We are your point of contact for all library questions, no matter how big or small.

Library Guide for English Concentrators English Junior Tutorial and Senior Thesis Library Guide

A Brief Guide to Writing the English Paper From the Writing Center’s “Brief Guide” series

Harvard Libraries Electronic Research Resources Connect to Harvard’s growing collection of e-resources and e-journals

The Writing Center How to connect with a writing tutor


Senior Thesis Resources

Senior Thesis Guide 2016-2017 Guidelines and advice for senior thesis writers and their advisers

Senior Thesis Sample Title Page

Tips on Writing the Prospectus

Junior Tutorial Resources

Guidelines for Writing the Junior Essay in English

Junior Essay Sample Title Page

Funding Resources for English Concentrators

Harvard Undergraduate Research Funding Sources

Harvard College Research Program

Dean’s Summer Research Awards

Funding for International Travel and Research

Common Application for Research and Travel (CARAT)

David Rockefeller International Experience Grants


Junior Tutorial Application | due April 3, 2017

Critical Thesis Proposal | due April 3, 2017

Junior Tutorial Course Preference Form | Coming Summer 2017

Critical Thesis Prospectus & Bibliography Submissions | due October 2017

English 91r. Supervised Reading and Research Application | due by the Course Registration Deadline

Creative Writing Thesis Application | due February 2018

Student Advisory Committee Application