English Department Annual Prize Winners, 2013-2014 - 5. 21. 14

The Department of English is thrilled to announce
this year’s group of prize recipients.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Edward Eager Grant for Continued Studies in Creative Writing

Sorrel Nielsen ’14
MFA, Iowa Writers’ Workshop

Le Baron Russell Briggs Grant for Continued Literary Studies

Theo Breen ’14
M.Phil, University of Cambridge

Le Baron Russell Briggs Honors Thesis Prize in English

Rumur Dowling ’14
for his critical thesis, “Romantic Boredom: Discourses of Distraction in Wordsworth and Coleridge”

Le Baron Russell Briggs Traveling Fellowships

Theo Breen ’14
Dre Cardinal ’14
Rumur Dowling ’14
Aisha Down ’14
Mary Hallowell ’14
Elly O’Leary ’14
Amanda Peery ’14
Amanda Rodrigues ’14
Jenn Soong ’14
Lindsey Waters ’14
Susanna Wolk ’14

Boylston Prize for Elocution

Cassandra Euphrat Weston ’14 (Literature)
Matthew Barrieau ’16 (Literature)

Undergraduate Thesis Research Fellowships

Dre Cardinal ’15 (Joan Gray Untermeyer Poetry Fellowship)
Becky Gould ’15
Anna Hagen ’15
Virginia Marshall ’15
Nora Wilkinson ’15

Francis James Child Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Kathryn Roberts, for her tutorial “Gertrude Stein & F. Scott Fitzgerald: Case Studies in American Modernism”

Margaret Rennix, for her tutorial “Austen and Woolf”

Robert Kiely Prize for Outstanding Junior Essay

Nora Wilkinson ’15, for her essay, “Flappers for Philosophers: New Modes of Living and Writing in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Early Fiction”

Rachel Gibian ’15, for her essay, “‘Aren’t we more expressive thus?': Narrating Co-Experience in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

Creative Prizes

Academy of American Poets Prize

Amanda Peery ’14

Joan Gray Untermyer Poetry Prize

Avia Tadmor ’14 (Psychology)
Jenn Soong ’14

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize

Amanda Peery ’14

Roger Conant Hatch Prizes For Lyric Poetry

Zoe Hitzig ’15 (Mathematics, Philosophy)

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize

Zoe Hitzig ’15 (Mathematics, Philosophy)
Ben Blumstein ’15
Miles Hewitt ’17
Daniel Schwartz ’16
Lauren Fields ’14 (Psychology)
Devi Lockwood ’14 (Folklore & Mythology)
Dre Cardinal ’14

Rebecca Handlin ’14
Christopher Alessandrini ’15
Anna Hagen ’15
Sorrel Nielsen ’14
Ethan Loewi ’15
Rumur Dowling ’14

Cyrilly Abels Prize

Wanjiku Mungai ’14
Keerthi Reddy ’14 (Economics)

Charles Edmund Horman Prize

Matt Krane ’15, poetry
Jane Hinsenkamp ’15 (Social Studies), fiction

Harvard Monthly Prize

Christopher Alessandrini ’15
Ryan MacLennan ’14 (Social Studies)

Le Baron Russell Briggs Fiction Award

Aisha Down ’14

Lee Patrick Award in Drama

Madeline Bersin ’14 (History & Literature)
Lily Glimcher ’14 (Psychology)

Thomas Wood Award in Journalism

Gregory Kristof ’15 (Philosophy)

Critical Prizes

Helen Choate Bell Prize (Essay)

Elizabeth Phillips
Jennifer Soong ’14

Winthrop Sargent Prize

Lanier Walker ’14

Boston Ruskin Prize

Nathan Hilgartner ’14 (Literature)

William Harris Arnold and Gertrude Weld Arnold Prize

Matthew Franks

Bowdoin Prize in the English Language

Rumur Dowling ’14

Bowdoin  Prize  for  Graduate  Essays  in  the  English  Language

Stephen Tardif