English Department Announces Annual Prize Winners for 2015-2016 - 5. 16. 16

The Department of English is thrilled to announce
this year’s group of prize recipients.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Le Baron Russell Briggs Grant for Continued Literary Studies

Olivia Munk ’16
MSt. English, Oxford University

Edward Eager Grant for Continued Studies in Creative Writing

Kate Massinger ’16
MFA, Columbia University

Le Baron Russell Briggs Thesis Prize

Moira McCavana ’16
for her thesis “86 Ways of Becoming José Manuel Elosegi”

Boston Ruskin Prize

Tess McNulty
for “Joyce Adapting Shelley: The Social Function of Lyric Form”

Helen Choate Bell Prize

First place:
Olivia Munk ’16
for “Call it Fuku Americanus: The uses and abuses of the term “immigrant literature” in critical receptions of Junot Diaz and Henry Roth”
Second place:
Thomas Dolinger
for “‘Out where the poem ends': Jack Spicer’s Bibliographic Poetics”

Winthrop Sargent Prize

Stella Wang
for “Remembering Corpus Christi: The ‘rude mechanicals’ in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Defense of Dramatic Imagination”

William Harris Arnold and Gertrude Weld Arnold Prize

Matthew Franks
for “Ephemeral Repertoire: Virtual Databases and Edwardian Subscription Societies”

Boylston Prize for Elocution

First place:
Matthew Barrieau ’16
Second place:
Cherline Bazile ’17

Academy of American Poets Prize

Stella Wong ’16

Joan Gray Untermyer Poetry Prize

Alyssa Moore ’16
Stella Wong ’16

Lloyd McKim Garrison Prize

Lev Craig ’16 for  “We Were All There Weren’t We”

Roger Conant Hatch Prizes For Lyric Poetry

Joanne Koong ’17 for “Face”

Edward Eager Memorial Fund Prize

Josh Ascherman ’17
Miles Hewitt ’17
Daniela Muhleisen ’19
Annie Wei ’16
Daniel Schwartz ’16
Luke Pizzato ’16

“Chapter XV” by Bailey Trela ’16
“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” by Olivia Munk ’16
“The Forgiver” by Aisha Bhoori ’18
“Season’s Greetings from the Moon” by Sam Reynolds ’16

Cyrilly Abels Short Story Prize

First place:
“Receive us Everyone” by Erica Eisen ’16
Second place:
“Sugarman” by Christina Qiu ’19

Charles Edmund Horman Prize

Al Fernandez ’17 (Fiction)
Miles Hewitt ’17 (Poetry)

Harvard Monthly Prize

Alexandra Grimm ’17

Le Baron Russell Briggs Fiction Award

Emmie Atwood ’18

Le Baron Russell Briggs Traveling Fellowships

Emma Adler ’16
Lauren Claus ’16
Katie Farineau ’16
Brandan Griffin ’16
Bridget Irvine ’16
Naomi Lang ’16
Sam Reynolds ’16
Daniel Schwartz ’16
Megan Taing ’16
Bailey Trela ’16
Stella Wong ’16

Robert Kiely Prize for Outstanding Junior Essay

Faye Zhang ’17 (fall)

Max Masuda-Farkas ’17 (spring)

Francis James Child Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Taylor Cowdery, for his fall tutorial
“Medieval Feminisms”

David Nee, for his spring tutorial
“Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: An Introduction to Renaissance Drama,”

Howard Mumford Jones Prize (19th Century)

Carra Glatt for her dissertation, “Narrative and its Non-Events: Counterfactual Plotting in the Victorian Novel”

Choate Bell prize (American Literature)

David Weimer for his dissertation, “Protestant Institutionalism: Religion, Literature, and Society After the State Church”