Commencement 2016: Congratulations to our Doctoral Graduates! - 5. 31. 16

Congratulations to our Doctoral Graduates!


Names from left to right: Misha Teramura, Taylor Cowdery, Alexis Becker, Craig Plunges, Michelle de Groot, Matthew Ocheltree, David Weimer, Kathryn Roberts.

November 2015 Degrees

Alexis Becker: “Practical Georgics: Managing the Land in Medieval Britain, 1000-1450.”
Laura Forsberg: “The Miniature and Victorian Literature.”
Rhema Hokama: “Poetry, Desire, and Devotional Performance from Shakespeare to Milton, 1609-1667.
Matthew Ocheltree: “Cosmopolitan Romance: The Adventure of Archeology, The Politics of Genre, and the Origins in Romanticism, 1760-1832.”

March 2016 Degrees

Craig Plunges: “Vanishing Points: Perspectival Metaphysics in the English Renaissance.”
John Radway: “The Fate of Epic in Twentieth-Century American Poetry.”

May 2016 Degrees

Taylor Cowdery: “The Premodern Literary: Matter and Form in English Poetry 1400-1547.”
Michelle De Groot: “The Entangled Cities: Earthly Communities and the Heavenly Jerusalem in Late Medieval England.”
Carra Glatt: “Narrative and Its Non-Events: Counterfactual Plotting in the Victorian Novel.”
Alexander Linhardt: “The Imaginary Encyclopedia: The Novel and the Reference Work in the Age of Reason.”
Calista McRae: “Lyric as Comedy.”
Kathryn Roberts: “Colony Writing: Creative Community in the Age of Revolt.”
Misha Teramura: “Shakespeare and Chaucer: Influence and Authority on the Renaissance Stage.”
David Weimer: “Protestant Institutionalism: Religion, Literature, and Society After the State Church.”