English CVR. Fiction Writing

Instructor: Jamaica Kincaid
Terms: Spring Term

Wednesdays, 12-2:45 pm | Location: TBA

Enrollment: Limited to 12 students.

A seminar/workshop. Readings include Bruno Schultz, Jean Toomer, Robert Walser, and Rimbaud’s¬†Illuminations, among others.

Supplemental Application Information: The letter of application should address autobiography: tell me something about yourself. It can be revealing or completely opaque. An example of the opaque: describe a tree, a sunny day, or a favorite hat in 300 words or less. An example of the revealing could be: I am one of those people who think all mammals with hair growing in places not easily revealed when they are standing right in front of you, should shave those areas. Please also submit 3-5 pages of prose fiction.

Apply via Submittable (by 11:59pm on 1/28, no exceptions)

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