English 90LV. Consciousness from Austen to Woolf

Instructor: James Wood
Terms: Spring Term

Mondays, 12-2:45 pm | Location: TBA

Class will be held from 12-2:30 pm.
Enrollment: Limited to 15 students.

A look at the complex ways in which writers represent their characters’ thought in texts by Austen, Flaubert, James, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Giovanni Verga, and Woolf. More broadly, traces the development of stream-of-consciousness, from Austen’s incipient mastery of free indirect style, through Flaubert’s more sophisticated use of it, to Woolf’s full-blown inner monologues, seeing this development as not merely a fact of English and American literature, but as a phenomenon of world literature and an element of our modernity.

Note: Formerly English 160w.

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