English Crr (001). Fiction Writing: Workshop

Instructor: Bret Johnston
Terms: Fall Term

Wednesdays, 4-7 pm | Location: Barker 269 (FAS)

Enrollment: Limited to 12 students.

An introduction to fundamental aspects (technical and conceptual) of writing fiction, beginning with short exercises and moving toward the completion and revision of original work. Readings include Munro, Welty, Dîaz, Lahiri, and others, and explore how practicing writers negotiate character, narrative structure, setting, voice, etc. Individual reading assignments are also devised on a per project basis. As the term continues, increasing amounts of time are devoted to the discussion of student work.

Supplemental Application Information: Please submit a letter discussing your writing and reading life. I’m interested in what fiction moves you, and moves you to write. Likewise, I’m interested in how writing and reading fit into your life now, how you’d like them to fit into your future life. Don’t try to impress me. Try to describe yourself and your tastes honestly rather than trying to say what you think you should say or what I want to hear. There are no wrong answers.

Finally, in a paragraph, complete this exercise: A character is in the passenger seat of a car in a deserted intersection. No driver, no traffic, no onlookers. What happened before this moment? Or what happens after?

Please also submit 3-5 double-spaced pages of fiction as a writing sample.

Submit your application here. Applications are due by 4pm on 8/31.

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