English 271hop. Humanities Online Practicum

Instructor: Elisa New

Mondays, 2-4 pm | Location: Science Ctr 316

Building out from the Poetry in America project (poetryinamerica.org), The Humanities Online Practicum (HOP) at the Bok Center will introduce a mixed cohort of Harvard graduate students to new skills and methods, as well as to classic modes of humanistic inquiry and pedagogy. With Bok support, and working in a lab/studio format, teams of students will have the opportunity to design and create digital educational content suitable for a wide range of learners—secondary school teachers and lifelong learners; public television viewers and medical professionals; college students at Harvard as well as at institutions of higher learning around the world.  Whether enrolling in HOP for one semester (2 credits) or two (4 credits), students in the course will see the assumptions of their own disciplines challenged and expanded as they learn to match pedagogies to the needs of diverse audiences of learners and to adapt content to a range of formats (lecture, discussion, syllabus and rubric– but also pair-and-share and exit ticket, EDx module and television segment, podcast, blogpost and more ) that put new pressure on, and give new scope to, the role of the educator in the 21st century.  Individual students may choose to focus on developing their skills in: video production and video editing; visual storytelling, set design and animation; curriculum development and school partnerships; curation, copyright, and intellectual property; educational theory and policy.   All students will take responsibility for project management.  Examples of possible projects can be found on the course website.  This course meets in plenary session every other Tuesday from 10-12.  Working groups will arrange their own hours.

Permission of the instructor is required.  Enrollment is limited to 18.  Enrollment procedure will be posted on the course website. English 271hop is the same course as EDU T218 in the Graduate School of Education.

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