English 141. The Eighteenth-Century English Novel

Instructor: Deidre Shauna Lynch
Terms: Spring Term

English 141

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11 am-12 pm | Location: Barker 024

The novel’s emergence as a new literary form and the remarkable record of narrative experimentation that emergence involved, as seen in works by Behn, Defoe, Haywood, Richardson, Fielding, Hogarth, Sterne, and Austen. Questions about genre and about the nature of fictionality will be central for us, and so we will investigate what was novel about novels by pondering how novels differ from epics or histories or the news in newspapers.  But we will also use our reading to investigate what the modern novel’s emergence can tell us about modernity itself–about love, sex, and marriage, consumer capitalism, empire, and urban life.

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