World Literature

The Temptation of Despair: Tales of the 1940s
Werner Sollors

(2014). Drawing on a vast array of American, German, and other sources–diaries, photographs, newspaper articles, government reports, essays, works of fiction, and film–Werner Sollors makes visceral the experiences of defeat and liberation, homelessness and repatriation, concentration camps and denazification.

Necessity: Poems
Peter Sacks

(2003) Through the lens of Peter Sacks’s actual journey from a strife-torn South Africa to a haunted and spiritually frayed America, Necessity travels from remembered heights unblemished by time’s weight, through deserts laden by the debris of our mad dreams—progress, conquest, salvation—to arrive at the waters of communal memory, values, and love.

O Wheel
Peter Sacks

(2000) O Wheel is a book of amazing delicacy, intricacy, and formal beauty that reveals terrifying truths. Its backdrop is an edgy mix of the intense violence of South Africa’s recent history, the personal struggles of the human soul for the rights to speak freely and to experience justice, and the expanse of the American literary landscape.

The Norton Anthology of World Literature (Third Edition)
Martin Puchner (ed.)

(2012). Read by millions of students since its first publication, The Norton Anthology of World Literature remains the most-trusted anthology of world literature available. Guided by the advice of more than 500 teachers of world literature and a panel of regional specialists, the editors of the Third Edition—a completely new team of scholar-teachers—have made this respected text brand-new in all the best ways.